Thursday, 24 March 2011

Progression of Pixel Portrait

The pixel-painted self-portrait is a long term project, making slow but steady progression towards equalling a photographic image in its appearance and pixel construction. A detailed explanation can be found on the proposal, and the first two pieces in the series can also be seen there. The next two are below.

Pixel-Painted Self-Portrait #3 

Pixel-Painted Self-Portrait #4

The time scale of the project has brought up a few issues, I've had a haircut, and my skin has got slightly darker as summer approaches. The way around this is, rather than attempt to match what I see in the mirror in each session, it would be better to use the reflection as a starting guide but at later stages work the pixels already there into a more realistic appearance. 

The fourth portrait was a big step in closing in on an accurate facial shape – the jawline was thinned, eyes slightly enlarged, and nose lengthened. It was at this point that I had the first notion (faint as it was) of the portrait taking on my character – for a brief moment the canvas was alike to a mirror. This gives me the encouragement to press on. 

Richard Brilliant discusses the captivation of viewing a portrait as an oscillating experience: identifying and relating to the subject - feeling their presence; whilst also accepting their absence - replaced by a subjective image with a degree of likeness. If at some point a viewer (who knows me by sight) can feel that they recognise me or my character on the canvas, perhaps even feel that they are looking at the real me, whilst still being aware of the images 'painted' creation – then that would be a very intriguing experience to incite in an audience. It's a long way off, but it would mark this project as something of a success. 

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