Sunday, 5 June 2011

Producing a PDF Portfolio

A large task for the current PPP module has been to produce a succinct PDF Portfolio explaining our work, which can be downloaded from our website, and printed out for distribution to relevant parties.

I started by contemplating the recipients of the PDF. I don't have a specific target audience, as I am still forming my career aspirations, so it seemed sensible to produce a document which sums up my course, describes the projects which enthused me, and displays a record of my commitment to individual creative work.

I sketched a rough layout for the PDF, considering which projects to showcase and in what order, and what text and how much of it to accompany the images. This was helpful in terms of providing me with an inclination of size of images, and hence how much space their would be to make adjustments with.

Putting together the final PDF was a fairly staright-forward process. I decided to give more information over less – thinking that if a viewer is not inclined to read all the text, they can pick and chose areas of interest based on the images, but the information is still available for those who want to read in depth. I've had little to no experience in designing such documents, and Microsoft Word is certainly not the ideal software for such an artefact. But with a bit of wrestling I managed to get to a presentable standard. 

Here's a few pages from the final version.

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