Friday, 3 June 2011

Degree Show Organisation

Here is a summary of the roles and responsibilities I took on for the planning and instigation of the Photo Synthesis degree show (exhibiting in both Coventry and London):
  • Secretary – producing agendas and minutes for our meetings. Keeping track of overall progress, what tasks still need doing. Keeping everyone informed of proceedings.
  • Treasurer – managing a group bank account, collecting money from all members, planning out and sticking to a budget, being on hand to cover expenses. 
  • Gallery Venue Liaison – meeting with owner of London venue, arranging and confirming booking of space, maintaining communication to support smooth running of London show. 
  • Graphic Design and Marketing Liaison – between photography group and design team, to ensure deadlines were met, aesthetics suitable etc. Marketing link, turned out to be a crucial one, for preventing the printing of a erroneous catalogue.   
  • Coordinator of Photography Works for Auction – meeting with auction organiser from Fine Art course to: arrange suitable submissions of photography pieces, collecting donated works from tutors, organising volunteers from photography students, writing press releases for local press, and flyering leaflets around the city.
  • Inviting Exhibitors and Writers – sending carefully worded requests to established practitioners, success with a catalogue introduction from David Campbell.
  • Draft Writing for Press and Promotions – making use of language skills, working collaboratively with Joanna Ornowska, for proof reading etc.
I've enjoyed the organisational challenge of undertaking these roles, and learnt many skills through the process, which I feel I could apply in a variety of future job positions. 

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