Thursday, 26 May 2011

Professional Practice Portfolio - New Skills

PPP for short, is a small module (the last of my course) which focusses on the process of taking ourselves, and our work out of a university context and into a professional one. It will be tagged on this blog as 'professional portfolio'.

I wanted to begin posting on this with a look back to some professional work that I've done, which although it doesn't relate to my own current practice, it certainly does relate to an area that I am keen to pursue – filmmaking.

Occasionally throughout the year I work with my cousin Jonathan Lee, (a freelance videographer, photographer, educator and such) to produce judicial training videos. I've written about this work before, but I wanted to bring it up again, as due to the job repeating, I have grown to be quite confident with the technical set up and running of the shoot, not to mention keeping calm when working with the high powers of the law system (no actors here).

Once my schedule frees up with the completion of my course, I would like to commit some of that time to further opportunities of assisting on such film work, with my cousin and other media producers. Below is a clip from the final film. 

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