Thursday, 12 May 2011

Self-portraiture Sells

Yesterday the world record for the most expensive photograph sold at auction was broken. And it was a self-portrait – Cindy Sherman's Untitled #96 went for $3.9 million at Christie's. Story here.

And the top lot of the night, was another self-portrait – specifically Andy Warhol's Self Portrait (1963-1964), which sold for a massive $38.4m. (Although not classed as a photograph, it's is interesting to note that it is made with his famous photo-booth pictures.) Story here.

It seems that self-portraiture is receiving a lot of attention on the market. Couple this with Susan Bright's recent and well-received publication Auto Focus, and it would appear that there is a real growth of interest into this sub-genre. 

I can see this being a benefit to me, particularly for a London exhibition held within a high-interest time and location for the photographic and art worlds. Hopefully my work can stand out as something original, whilst still being associated with a style that is sought after. Who knows, maybe a wealthy art collector will take a liking. I'm just saying.. 

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