Sunday, 14 March 2010

Self Videos

These days I seem to be spending an increasing amount of time in front of the computer. Alongside this comes ever greater opportunities for distraction and mind wandering. Whilst wandering, one has ideas.

Most of these events (or performances) actually occurred before I thought to video them, from being bored, daydreaming, imagining, performing, then laughing; and then considering to share them. Narcissism, performance, self-mockery, a desire to be funny – a lot of this rationale goes back to when I began my nude work. I'm not quite in this place with my main 'bodyscape' work, but I'm still quite intrigued by these themes, and I have some ideas for future work. Watch my space.


  1. I'm scarred for life... !

    Good stuff though, glad to see some creativity coming through. I would just have the last skit (Manic)on loop, with your final piece.

    On a serious note... George you need to get out a bit more man :D

  2. Looking to get away from the computer? Make your bed. ;-)

  3. I hope by that you mean - enjoy the small menial tasks of life for their simple and therapeutic nature, or did you notice that my bed was a mess in the background?


    ... a famous gif

  5. hahahaha...this is soooo funny!
    arrow shot and -of course- manic panic are the funniest!

    **maybe you should get some sleep, though :)

  6. V. good George. Although this isn't very different from me taking photos on Photobooth now is it??? I like the arrow one!